Sunday, 19 August 2012

Conquer mesh outfit from Silk Worms

This outfit from from Silk Worms is tagged as silks/kirtle on the marketplace entry, but I find it's got a bit of an edge.The (rigged mesh) skirt looks like chainmail as much as anything, giving it a bit of a fierce, grungy look. So, I imagined this girl as someone a little more free-spirited - perhaps she's run away to the woods to become a panther!

The skin is from a new skin line, BRAT[inc], by AzureFera Resident, who was kind enough to pass me a blogger pack. There's a great variety in her store, but this is one of my favourites (it's Pure Natural T3). Lots of detail, plus the freckles and reddened cheek make for a lovely outdoors-y look - clearly, this girl's been out in the sun and wind.
Silk Worms: Conquer outfit in gold; Brat[Inc] skin Pure Natural T3

Brat[Inc] skin Pure Natural T3; Mayfly deep sky eyes
Silk Worms: Conquer outfit in black; Brat[Inc] skin Pure Natural T3
I had some problems fitting the skirt (it's rigged mesh so you can't edit it) so ended up modifying the shape instead... As a result the shape isn't as well-proportioned as she should be. This is why I don't make my own shapes, but hey, I've learned something for next time ;)

The top is unrigged mesh, so editable. I made a copy (always make a copy!) and tweaked it till I was happy.

For anyone else who has problems fitting mesh to their shape, Lana Jubilee has a great mesh fitting tutorial on her blog.

Find Conquer on the marketplace - demo is 0L, each of the four colour sets is 550L. You can check out all the BRAT[inc] skins on MP from the comfort of your armchair too. Demos are 1L and special skin promo prices from just 99L!

Silk Worms

Skin: Pure Natural T3 from BRAT[inc]
Shape: PinUpBrat from BRAT[inc] (body heavily & badly modified by me!)
Hair: Quite Dream from Exile
Eyes: Deep Sky (deep honey hazel) from Mayfly

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