Saturday, 23 March 2013

Ostara egg hunt at FallnAngel Creations

FallnAngel Creations - Shirah outfit
Some very quick photos to show you a small selection of the fabulous prizes on offer in FallnAngel Creations annual Ostara egg hunt.

The hunt runs across the two FallnAngel sims (the mainstore and the creepy Sanitarium) until 28th March, and you're looking for an brightly coloured and decorated Easter egg (no two are exactly the same). Prizes cost 1L, and when you click you buy you can see what's inside... so sometimes I search it on the marketplace to see what it looks like before committing :)
Be sure to grab one of the hunt rule notecards when you're there (nothing too onerous - no item finders, no giving locations away in local chat, no tp'ing directly to prizes etc...)

I've focussed on the clothing here, but there are also plenty of accessories, quirky skins and hairs, and furniture items to be had.

Anyway, these pics were taken in a real hurry, so there are a few blurry textures I didn't spot till too late. Please excuse!
FallnAngel Creations- Harumi gown
FallnAngel Creations- Satyia dress
FallnAngel Creations - Kaillea camisk
FallnAngel Creations - Oria silks
FallnAngel Creations- Crystalline outfit
FallnAngel Creations - Sanjha Para Samudra sari
FallnAngel Creations - Eiden outfit

Skin & shape: Tuty's - Gong Li
Hair: TRUTH< Nyx - crow
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Olive Hazel Shadow)

Music: Pure Bathing Culture - Lucky One

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