Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 12, Radical Red

Radical Red
The really interesting thing about 'Radical Red' is that it's.... pink. Well, I'd call it pink anyway, or magenta, or fuchsia... but not really red. And certainly not radical red. That just makes me think of Bolsheviks and MAC's 'Russian Red' lipstick.

I'm wearing a combination of two outfits here, one of which I blogged before. Luckily, I can get around my self-imposed  'not already blogged' rule because the rest of the outfit has never been seen on these pages. Yay!
(This photo is also my first experiment with Depth of Field, and by experiment I mean I turned it on and then got scared. All these "new" photo features? I think I'm getting over Phoenix!)

The outfits in question are On a Lark's Tulip (mini-skirt; flowers in hand and round neck) and Loralee's Fae in Hot Pink (the silks skirt, bra top and hair flower). I think they make a reasonably good match.

Next week's colour, as announced on Softpaw's blog?  Joy of joys, it's (another) green!!!!

On a Lark - Tulip in Pink
Loralee - Fae in Hot Pink

Skin & Shape: Izzie's - Asia Body Shape &  Asia Skin Ginger Edition pale CL (@ Skin Fair)
Hair: >TRUTH< Barbara (Mesh) - cocoa
Eyes: The Plastik: Vaele Coll(MESH)://-Galaxia-Reia
Pose by .ploom
Photos taken at Alirium sim

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  1. I adore flower themed outfits. One day someone will make one for my favorite flower, the columbine. And I shall wear it sooo much.