Friday, 22 March 2013

Nubian Divinity silks from Soedara

Soedara - Nubian Divinity in Earth

Nubian Divinity is one of thelatest releases from Soedara, and these mesh silks are amazingly lavish and rich. They'd be perfect for a priestess, a sorceress, a princess of Mars, or the most pampered of exotic slaves.

The box is stuffed full of opulence, with lots of different options for you to experiment with. here are lots of jewels - as always - including anklets, bracelets, armbands, plus the showpiece collar and  jeweled bodice.

The chained gold nipple covers could be a great addition to a slave girl's wardrobe as an alternative to clothing layer PG-tops (depends how much you can get away with!) and there's a cute little belly jewel too.

The skirt comes in two parts; the main mesh part which consists of the belt and back, and a series of interchangeable flexi silks to be added. There are short, medium and long, rich and plain. You can also try adding a short silk to a long for an extra variation.

As the main part of the skirt is rigged mesh, it clings to the body, so if you're looking for dancing silks, you might prefer to check out some of Soedara's flexi-based lines instead (have a look at the raunchy Marefa or tribal Tariqa).

The silks cost 450L, and there's a matching snake headdress sold separately for 199L. You can find the silks on the marketplace - make sure you try the free demo! - or in-world at the Soedara store.
Soedara - Nubian Divinity in Burning Lust
Soedara - Nubian Divinity in Sultan's Favourite

Skin: The Plastik - Astrali Skin[Basic]:// Saturne-Shadow  (at Skin Fair0
Makeups: The Plastik - Ataciara Makeups- Darker Lips + Ataciara Makeups-Phoenix + Pattern Makeup-Indian Gold
Eyes: The Plastik-Vaele Coll(mesh)://MagickaDeep
(Eyes and makeups included with skin)
Hair: TRUTH< Portia - auburn
Shape: Body Doubles - Valentine Lotus (modified)

Poses by Bent
Photo taken on Sands of Time sim

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