Saturday, 9 March 2013

March madness...

It's a madly busy March in Second Life this year. I finally got into the Arcade gacha festival (which is still very busy) and braved the Whore Couture Fair... for a couple of mins, until I decided I couldn't be doing with the lag. It's a bit quieter now though so I might go have another look around.

I did manage to grab what I really wanted from the WCF though - the Daenarys top from The.Plastik. It's intended as a clubwear outfit, but has great roleplay possibilities, as it's essentially a strip of fabric draped around the neck and secured with a tie under the bust... yup, just the sort of thing a Gorean slave girl might be given to wear. (Her's probably wouldn't have sequins though, but I couldn't resist.)

Not to worry; there are lots of different textures available, and they're all fabulous. I was sorely tempted by the fatpack but resisted and just bought one for 219L. Fingers crossed that there'll be another insane fatpack sale at The.Plastik sometime!

Other March most wanteds in the pic include one of the Luria skins from Glam Affair at the Arcade, and a Trail necklace from Ellabella at the Depraved Nation 'Luck of the Irish' gacha event. You might recognise the hair too - it's by Truth and also available at the Arcade.

Also in the pics are a little thigh pouch from Soedara and - keeping it PG! - some panties from Junbug (they're both part of other outfits).

Top: The.Plastik - :[P]:- Daenarys Top [M-Curvy]://Hera (Whore Couture Fair exclusive)
Necklace: .:ellabella:. Trail Necklace - Opal Blue (Luck of the Irish gacha prize)

Thigh pouch: ~Soedara~ Abandonded slave Thigh Bag (part of outfit)
Panties: Junbug - Wild Thing panties (part of outfit)
Eyes: Mayfly - Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Desert Dawn Shadow)
Hair:  >TRUTH< Video Games - Brown (Arcade gacha prize)

Shape: Self-made
Skin: Glam Affair - Luria skin - 15 (rare) (Arcade gacha prize)

Poses by !bang / Hopscotch
Photo taken  at Silent Falls sim

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