Sunday, 17 March 2013

30L weekend at Velvet Whip

Velvet Whip - Clover kirtle

It's a special round of 30L Saturday this weekend, with offers continuting today, Sunday. There are the usual 30L offers, and some half-price deals, with lots of green and Celtic designs in honour of St Patrick's Day.  I couldn't resist the offers at Velvet Whip, where they had the Clover kirtle for 30L and the fatpack of the cute Iris silks half price at 300L.

Plus, if you can't get into Skin Fair, you can console yourself with a trip to The.Plastik where there are more offers on skin line previews.

You can sample the Astrali line in any of three tones for 50L or 75L. The skin packs include lots of extras too - appliers, makeup tattoos, eyes, and eyebrow shapers, so they're a real steal.

(Marse and Plute tones are part of last Friday's 50L Friday but will probably be out until next Friday, while Calypso is today's Lazy Sunday deal and is 75L. Again, it will most likely be out for a few days yet!)

Anyway, back to the clothes. Clover includes a mesh shrug (various sizes), roped skirt with attached drink vessel (it's got a shamrock on it - does that mean it's full of Irish whiskey? or Guinness?), two styles of top (decorated or plain), and a shamrock necklace.

The fatpack of Iris silks includes four different colours, and each colour pack includes two styles of top (one sculpty, one mesh in various sizes), three sash or silks skirts, waist beads, necklace and bangles.

Anyway; happy St Patrick's Day. And remember - Irish people don't drink green beer. That's all.
Velvet Whip - Clover kirtle

Velvet Whip - Iris silks in aqua

Velvet Whip - Iris silks in indigo

Clothing & accessories: Velvet Whip
Skin: The.Plastik - Astrali Skin[Basic]:// Plute-Stain (50L Friday offer, still out)
Eyes: The.Plastik - Vaele Coll://MagickaDeep (part of Astrali skin pack)
Hair: Magika - Moment
Shape: Body Doubles - Valentine Lotus Modifiable Shape

Poses by Ma Vie

Photos taken on CalanDiva sim (home of D!va hair)

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