Thursday, 9 January 2014

Curio is back!

I checked Plurk this evening to see someone wearing a brand new Curio demo, so rushed to log in and check it out.

The much anticipated changes (it's been over six months since the older skins were retired) seem more evolution than revolution. The skin tones have been revamped and are warmer in hue. They've also been simplified - there are no longer have light and dark shades of the same tone. The freckled skins have also seem to have been dropped from these releases.

Individual skin packs feature just the default eyebrow colour option for that skin (you'll see it on the vendor), while the megapacks feature four colour options - black, brunette, ginger and blonde. There don't seem to be any appliers yet, but hopefully they will appear before too much longer.

After the jump, I've done a few quick side-by-side comparisons (click on the picture to see the larger version). In each, the new skin is on the left and an older tone equivalent is on the right. I've gone for the palest, a mid-tone, and the darkest. The shots are all raw except for cropping and combining the images. Windlight was Nam's Optimal Skin 2.

One of the main criticisms of Curio's older skins was that darker tones often exhibited major discrepancies between face and body. That is certainly something Gala has addressed. In fact, face and body shading overall are much subtler.

A little feature that I really like on the new pale tones is the shading around the eye - the delicate blues and pinks. So realistic! As a pasty girl, it makes me smile. My blue circles are much bigger of course!

The skins are priced at 1,000L for a single skin, and the megapacks of all tones and makeups are currently at a promotional price of 2,500L (they used to be 3000L, maybe they will return to this or there will be an increase?).

To compare, non-promotional prices at Belleza are 600L for a single skin, and 3,000L for a tone pack, and Glam Affair is 999L for a single skin, and 4,999L for a tone pack. (Obviously you will find cheaper options at Collabor88 etc.) Neither seems to have a megapack equivalent, but Curio don't currently seem to have a tone pack.

You can see pictures of the new skins and different makeups over at
Left (NEW): Curio - Ember skin, Moondrop tone, Makeup-1, eyebrow Brunette-{Megapack-Bonus}
Right (OLD): Curio - Pout skin, Moonbeam Light tone,  Pure-1 makeup

Left (NEW): Curio - Penelope skin, Dune tone, eyebrow Brunette-{Megapack-Bonus}
Right (OLD): Curio - Pout skin, Sundust Dark tone, Pure-1 makeup

Left (NEW): Curio - Nadia skin, Eclipse tone,  Makeup-1
Right (OLD): Curio - Pout skin, Bean Dark tone, Pure-1 makeup

Lingerie: Luxuria - Alicia (no longer available)
Hair: Lelutka - Maleficent - Bournville
Eyes: IKON  - Spectral Eyes - Hazel
Shape: Body Doubles - Emma Size Small Mesh Ready Shape

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