Friday, 31 January 2014

My familiar

Some more previews from Enchantment, and a cute pet from Fantasy Gacha. Both events open tomorrow. Lots of pictures in this post, as there's a lot to show you!

The beautiful gown is Blanchette from Miamai. It has an elegant 1930s look and feel to it, but the hood at the back lends it a quirky touch. It also pays homage to Little Red Riding Hood, the underlying theme for this round of Enchantment.

The jewelry is from Bokeh, and comes in a variety of colours, including pearl, red, black and green. The ring sets include rings for left and right hands and versions for Slink hands. The necklaces include three different lengths. I really like nice, big chunky jewelry in SL - people can see it without having to cam in!

As with yesterday's post, the poses are from Infiniti. You can see that some of the  dynamic 'Running scared' make the mesh gown look as though it's billowing in the air.

 I mentioned yesterday that 'Better to see you with' was a great set for showing off nails... but I forgot to mention that it also includes a set of nail appliers for Slink avatar enhancment hands. Sorry! The 'Little Red' set includes five different tones of red, from bright scarlet to deep burgundy.

The foxy little pet clinging to my forearm for dear life comes from Aii Fantasy Gacha carnival. It's the 'Muse' pet, and this one is Amaterasu, a rare. Another of the rares has adorable little antlers, while the commons come in colours ranging through white and grey to purple! Aii also have some flying pixie follower pets too.

I've just been for a walk around FGC, and there are so many wonderful object and outfits. I predict that it's going to be packed too - luckily it's open until 28 February so plenty of time to get in.

Event info

Slurl to Enchantment
Enchantment opens its doors to members of the Enchantment Update Group at midnight SLT on 1 February, and then at noon SLT, the event is opened to all.

Slurl to Fantasy Gacha Carnival
The event opens on 1 February (not sure what time - will update if I can confirm).

At Enchantment:
Gown:  Miamai -Blanchette Red 
Necklace: Bokeh - Enchanting Red's Medallion 'All Colors'
Rings:  Bokeh - Enchanting Red's Ring 'All Colors'
Poses: Infiniti - Better to see you with / Running scared
Nails: Infiniti - Better to see you with (included with pose pack)

At Fantasy Gacha Carnival:
Pet: Aii - Amaterasu Muse (rare)

Skin: League - Isla Pale Natural Black
Makeup: Aeva // Okami Make Up (Pale Skin)
Shape: Self-made
Hands: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands
Hair: Truth - Melita
Eyes: IKON Destiny Eyes - Maya

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