Tuesday, 28 January 2014

To survive

Lots more goodies from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival which opens in two days time. Armlets, boots and collar are from MeshedUp, the crown is from Distorted Dreams, and the mask from Black Pearls.
The fur outfit is from gO, staff from Stitched Gods, and skirt/belt from Keystone.

If you're impatient, you can grab the ears now at The Fantasy Collective) and there's still time to get to the current round of Collabor88, where you can find this hair from Clawtooth.

Music: Joan as Police Woman - To survive

Coming soon to Fantasy Gacha Carnival:
Eyeshadow: Highlife - eyeshadow Fantasia yellow
Panther furs: !gO! - gore Carnival
Armlets: MeshedUp - Armlet - Sand
Boots: MeshedUp - Boot Sand
Collar: MeshedUp - Collar Sand
Crown: Distorted Dreams -  Vermithor Crown  (rare)
Dagger necklace: Zyn  -Rusted Winged Dagger  Amulet
Mask: Black Pearls -  Runa - Steam Dance (rare)
Skirt: Keystone - Ioanna's BeltSkirt - Black x Brown (rare)
Staff: Stitched Gods - Gnarled Staff - Black

Ears: OrsiniSun - Wind Song Ear Dark(gacha rare) (at The Fantasy Collective)
Thigh band: Soedara - Run Amok Thigh Strings (part of outfit)
Hair: Clawtooth: Pink Flamingos - Classic brunette (at Collabor88)
Shape: Self-made
Skin: Essences - Emma *peche* brunette
Eyes: IKON - Eternal Eyes - Olive

Photos taken at Happy Mood 

Poses: Adorkable (Calm),  Poseur  (Boots)

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  1. I've seen so many pretty and interesting things for this round! Can't wait for it to open!