Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Goddess of the Hunt

Tonight's post is a tribute to my favourite goddess: the fiercely independent Artemis, ancient Greek goddess of the hunt and the moon; protectress of wild animals, young children, and women in childbirth.

Artemis was one of the most widely venerated goddesses in classical times, and was considered to be as beautiful as Aphrodite, the goddess of love (although there existed quite some enmity between these two!).

Reading through the legends associated with her, it's clear she also had a fondness for dishing out punishments to men harbouring lustful or violent thoughts towards her, and woe betide anyone who claimed they were a better hunter!

Artemis is commonly depicted with one of her hounds or with a deer, an animal considered sacred to her. Alas, I couldn't find a suitable hound companion for her, although I borrowed one of Athena's owls for one shot!

Skin: Roza (Arcade Gacha 06) from Glam Affair
Shape: Angelina from Belissima
Hair: Falling Into (mesh) from Emo-Tions
Eyes: Winter (Vae Collection) from The.Plastik
Tunic: Grecian Short Tunic from Caverna Obscura
Jewelry: Comes with Threemoons silks from Rhapsody Designs
Sandals: Teva from Rhapsody Designs
Bow: Bow of Treve from Torvis Gorean Weapons

Photo taken at Bentham Forest


  1. Where did you make those pics?! Those are totally digital... right?

  2. Hi Kristina, they are basically screenshots from Second Life, so yes, totally digital in that way! Very little photoshopping, really just playing with other people's creations in SL!