Friday, 2 November 2012

Group gifts and more at Lorien

I wandered over to Lorien last night, and very quickly grabbed some group gifts, and a couple of cheapies. (The group is free to join.)

Group gifts include outfits for slave and a Free Woman gown, plus there's a couple of male outfits on the cheapie table outside opposite the front door.

There are also some dollarbies (I grabbed some textures), midnight mania and lucky boards, so check them out too!
Lorien: Slave rags Midori (group gift)

Lorien: Pink velvet gown (group gift)
Lorien: Telima camisk (group gift)
Lorien: Teresa silks, 20L cheapie
Eyes from the Lorien 7 Eyes Pack cheapie, 15L for seven pairs
Another group gift are the Tarja silks I blogged when they were at the Gorean Room back in July:
Lorien: Tarja silks (group gift)

Slurl to Lorien

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