Saturday, 10 November 2012

The, uh, 'poo' sale at Nomine

In the immortal words of Ms Munchflower Zaius: "Sometimes life just poops on everything you love and hold dear. Sometimes life poops just on you. Sometimes life straight up smacks your ass with a giant flaming poo sword".

Well to help alleviate some of that poopiness, she's reduced almost everything in the Nomine mainstore to 100L this weekend (sale lasts through Monday 12 November). That includes dresses, lingerie, corsets, skins, the latest mesh items and more... Fatpacks not included.

I couldn't resist this super cute and totally not-poopy goth-loli dress (Jailbait Catherine in twilight) and cute pink make-up skin (Nephilim skin China). Full credits after the pics.

More pics of Nomine goodies here and here

Slurl to Nomine

Dress (includes headdress): Jailbait Catherine in twilight from Nomine
Skin: Nephilim skin China from Nomine
Shoes: Hecate Black Velvet shoes
Hair: Auralee from Truth
Shape; Jade from Belissima
Eyes: Mourn muted (Vae Collection) from The.Plastik

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