Saturday, 17 November 2012

Unhinged and the Black Event

I've been away so just catching up... with a random post to tell you about two great festivals you should check out.

The first is Unhinged, a fundraiser and celebration for Eku Zhong. Eku, who some of you may know from her in-world creations at Culprit Furniture or from sluniverse (where I first heard about this event), has endured some serious ill-health and medical treatments and now needs a bone prostheses. Unhinged will help to offset the substantial cost for this item and the procedure.

The event is now open an runs until 15 December, and the parcel is stuffed full of both gachas regular vendors featuring stacks of stuff, ranging from cute little curios to high fashion! (In the pics, skin, eyes, hair and poses are all from gachas.) You can teleport on over to the event or contribute via the Indiegogo page. Read more here or have a peek at some of the great items available in the flickr pool.

The other event is the Black Event at the The Wash, a cart sale where everything is black. Oh, and everything is 10L, excepting the free item each participating designer has put out. I only had a quick run round but I spotted some cool accessories and fun mesh items, including the long slinky dress I'm wearing in the pics.

I'll definitely be going back to spend a bit more time checking it out... in between hitting up some Unhinged gachas again!

Slurl to Unhinged
Slurl to Black Event at The Wash

Skin: Silver 3 from Skin Monster (Unhinged gacha, 1L per play)
Hair: Steph II from Alice Project (Unhinged gacha, 100L per play)
Eyes: Magneti Eyes from YS & YS (Unhinged gacha, 20L per play)
Poses: Ode to Antidote/Harvester of Hearts from Pose Plastique (Chandra Masala) (Unhinged gacha, 25L per play)
Shape: Self-made
Dress: Winter mesh dress from B&T (10L item at Black Event)
Hair ornament:  Headdress of rose gacha item from +SC+SugarCoat

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