Sunday, 11 November 2012

New from Delicious - Emma Wagon Girl

I love outfits which can be worn in different ways... and this new release from Delicious certainly delivers on that front.

Emma Wagon Girl is intended for a Free Woman of the wagon peoples... but can used for many other roles as well. It's certainly got a lot of options allowing you to wrap up snugly!

Skin and shape are from Delicious too - the very cute Bronte skin, which is designed to go with lighter hair colours.

I'm wearing the wine version of the dress in these pictures, but it also comes in orange, green and blue.

In the box you get two skirts (one striped, one plain) and matching glitchpants, undershirt, two shirts, jacket with prim cuffs, vest, veil, scarf, boots, and alphas. There's also a cute 'bosk milk' barrel attachment.

Many thanks to the owner Lobo Firehaven (Lobothor) and residents of the Wagons of the Four Winds Tuchuks where these pictures were taken.

Slurl to Delicious

Skin & shape: Bronte from Delicous
Hair: Petra from Truth
Eyes: Twilight Sea Shadow from Mayfly

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