Sunday, 30 December 2012

Soedara - The Gadis camisks

New from Soedara: the Gadis Kota and Gadis Gurun hooded camisks. The essential difference between the two ranges is the trim; Gadis Gurun has a rough, burlap trim while Gadis Kota has a printed fabric, gold-ish coloured trim, so is more exotic or suited for city girls.

You can also wear this camisk as a top, and as usual with Soedara, the clothes come with some fabulous jewels...

Or course, you can always wear the camisk as just a top to create a completely different character. Here, I've added the Misfit skirt in Worn from The.Plastik and voilĂ , a priestess, sorceress or patrician lady...

I can haz shadoes?

Well, they might be splodgy, but they're shadows!

The gorgeous accompanying jewels include a circlet, chin jewel, necklace, bracelets, upper armbands and anklets. (Love how the left and right arms and legs have different arrangements of bangles/anklets.)

Usefully, there's also a modifiable shape created to fit size M in mesh. As it's mod, you can apply your own face to the shape by adjust the sliders in edit appearance. Screenshots of the numbers on your own face might be the easiest way to keep track of them. Alternatively, you could tweak the body of your own shape to fit, a helpful notecard lists the relevant sliders and numbers.

Another notecard gives details of the hair worn in the vendors for this product (it's from Boon) or you could do what I did here - copy and adjust a hair with the relevant permissions! (Do not try this on a no-copy hair, or there will be tears - unless you're a genius of editing, in which case you probably make your own hairs anyway.)

There's also some PG pants - they're modifiable so you can easily tint them to match the camisk.

The packs contain two versions of the camisk in six sizes - one has a had decorated with symbols, while the other hood is plain. The body and hood parts of the camisk are one mesh, so you can't wear camisk without the hood. The hooded camisks cost 350L per colour.

If you don't like the hood, or want to have the extra option to wear without, you can also buy versions of the camisks without hoods. These cost slight less at 299L and include a sheer version of the camisk.

Fatpacks are available, price varies depending on whether you go for hood or no hood, and Gurun or Kota (there's an extra colour, all black, in the Gurun range).

Find the Gadis camisks on the marketplace or follow the slurl to Soedara.

Skin: Candy from Curio
Eyes: Vivid Blue (liquid light) from Mayfly (group gift, free to join)
Hair: Aiyana from Truth (very modified, haha)
Shape: Gadis fitted shape from Soedara (included with camisks)
Skirt: Misfit in Worn from The.Plastik
Poses by flowey
Photos taken on the Ancient Alexandria sims

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