Thursday, 27 December 2012

Soedara - Captive to Winter

In some regions, simply surviving has to come before being chic, but wrapped up warm in this fur and hide outfit from Soedara, you'll be able to brave the elements while maintaining some rough glamour.
Soedara - Captive to Winter in black

Soedara - Captive to Winter in brown
Soedara - Captive to Winter in brown

Soedara - Captive to Winter in black
Soedara - Captive to Winter in brown

Soedara - Captive to Winter in white
Soedara - Captive to Winter - black cloak, white top, brown skirt & acessories

Captive to Winter includes lots of different elements you can combine to style it up either modestly or inject some more sass into the outfit. (If you're wearing it as a free woman's outfit, I recommend making a pair of pants to wear underneath as otherwise you could inadvertently flash more leg than you'd like!)

There are two clothing layer tops, one of which is cropped (bondmaids or those who don't feel the cold so much could wear this), plus the kilt or kirtle skirt. Attached to the belt of the skirt are some  golden coin charms, a set of keys, and a useful little bum-bag or fanny-pack! (Personally, I would store some snacks in there, in case hunger strikes on a long journey through the snow.)

The box also contains cosy but sturdy boots, sure to protect your feet whether you're fleeing from a hungry predator, or worse, hungry menfolk who think you should have been cooking their dinner instead of shopping at Soedara.

There are also arm and hand warmers, plus two versions of a cloak, one of which is more full than the other. The hood is separate so can be worn or not as you please.

To make your hair compatible with the hood, you'll need to either resort to a hairbase or a sleek mesh hair style (Princess from Wasabi Pills worn here) and you can stretch the hood to fit around that. Alternatively, if you have a favourite copy-mod flexi hair in your inventory, you can copy it and shrink or make transparent any parts which peek through the hood.

Captive to Winter is available in white, black and brown, each colour set costs 399L If you can stretch to it, buy the fatpack for 798L as it's lots of fun to mix and match between the three colourways. You can also buy the cloaks separately, in medium or full-length variations for 200L.

Find Captive to Winter on the marketplace or follow the slurl to Soedara

BTW... When I was half way through the photo-shoot (get me), I noticed that some of the textures weren't displaying well so I switched from Phoenix to Firestorm. Firestorm doesn't seem to give me the same level of anti-aliasing though, so little jaggy edges it is. Hopefully the photographic flubs aren't too obvious. Hopefully! XD

(I have tried the new SL Viewer beta, to check how the whole 'ultra photos without glitch lines' thing was going. I can summarise that experience - ultra graphics plus shadows - as crash, crash, crash. Maybe the release will be better... but in my experience,  viewers do not seem to love macs!)

Skin: Wynter from Belleza
Shape: Bella for Redgrave Skin from Body Doubles
Hair: Princess from Wasabi Pills
Eyes: Veila from The.Plastik
Poses by Diesel Works
Photos taken at the : Dyval Settlement : Northern Forest : Gorean BtB RP sim.

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