Sunday, 23 December 2012

Last day of the Midwinter Fair

Today (23rd December) is the last day of the 30L Midwinter Fair, so if you haven't been yet, better hurry!

There are lots of 30L and some 50% items on offer and a Christmas tree with gift items, all 5-10L, most of which are transferable. Naturally, you can 'gift' some of these to yourself :)

There's also a hunt with free prizes - look for the Christmas baubles dotted around the market. Some stores have prizes back at their mainstores too.
Silk Worms - Licorice - 10L under the Christmas tree

May's Soul - belt - Midwinter Fair hunt prize
Wild Ones - Bandit (skirt, scarf, antlers) - Midwinter Fair hunt prize

Una - Midwinter Fair hunt prize (hunt for two baubles to find all pieces!)
Torvis - Leila in red - Midwinter Fair hunt prize
Note: There is a script limiter in operation on the sim to cut down on lag. I think the limit is 50 scripts, but you should be able to get down to way less than that! Wearing mesh hair or a hairbase rather than flexi hair will help, as well sticking to mesh or system clothes. Might be a good day to leave the big poofy gown at home and find out how to use the viewer AO ;)

Slurl to Midwinter Fair

(Note: The present tree is outside the main market. Look for the giant wolf statues or click on this slurl to bring up a red arrow; you can't tp directly.)

Skin -  [iren] Helen -winter edition - Lazy Sunday special, 75L today only
Shape - Paty IIII from Belissima - Midwinter Fair hunt item
Eyes - Glow Blue (Vaele Collection) from The Plastik - part of Lazy Sunday outfits
Hair - Amandine from Wasabi Pills
Poses from Marukin
Photos taken at Oubliette sim

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