Saturday, 22 December 2012

Soedara: Abandoned slave camisk

Soedara's latest release is a mesh camisk which comes in a whopping 24 colours. The collection's divided into a number of ranges - Lights, Cute, Dirty and Knit.

You can probably guess that Dirty includes the grungy textures, Lights is pastel shades and Cute is, well, pastel shades with a cute little print. The Knit range features cosy, woolly textures, so ideal for the time of year. And as it's winter, there's a cute little extra in the shape of cloak or cape in a complementary colour.

My avatar in these pics consists of items from Together for Sway - a fund-raising event to benefit Sway Drench. So, guilt-free shopping for a good cause. If you haven't been yet, definitely try and stop in because it's full of goodies, all of which donate 100% to the fund. The event runs until 31 December. Read more here.
~Soedara~ Abandonded slave camisk Dirty Some Rag

~Soedara~ Abandonded slave camisk Dirty Some Rag
~Soedara~ Abandonded slave camisk  Lights Yellow
~Soedara~ Abandonded slave camisk Knit Purple
~Soedara~ Abandonded slave camisk Knit Purple
~Soedara~ Abandonded slave camisk Cute Peach
~Soedara~ Abandonded slave camisk Cute Peach
The camisk is mesh, so try the demo. Six sizes are included in each pack. The extras include the cloak, a handy little thigh pouch, leather bracelets and rope anklets, plus a hair flower.

Each colour pack costs 250L, and four fatpacks are available for each of the different ranges. Prices vary as some ranges have more colours than others.

(You can also buy the cloaks separately as 'Barely a Cloak', which includes two slightly different versions of the cloak for 75L.)

Find Abandonded Slave on the marketplace or follow the slurl to Soedara in-world.

Skin, shape, eyes: Sofia skin from .ID. at Together for Sway
Hair: Sway My Way from Exile at Together for Sway


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