Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Vanafindiel, the white-haired girl

This ethereal gown ('Vanafindiel *white as snow*') from K a s h i e is available free as part of Atooly's Hunting for Winter hunt. It's very cute so I thought I'd style it up to show you. Most of the other items in the pic are free or on sale, so even if Lindens are tight, you might find something worth investigating!

Details after the jump.

The gown is very poofy which is fine for posing, otherwise you like to add a narrow mesh skirt or some glitch pants underneath.

Also: shadows. They kill my computer so I don't think I'll be using them very often, but fun - exasperating fun - to experiment with, whenever I'm feeling very patient. 

Gown (includes earrings): Vanafindiel from K a s h i e (free, Hunting for Winter prize)
Shape: Michele from Belissima (old gift from Boho Culture Fair)
Skin: Laina desaturated from Adam n Eve (Christmas group gift, 5L to join)
Eyeshadow: Winter nights from Half-Deer (free, Hunting for Winter prize)
Faun make-up: Faun face from Half-Deer, 30L
Antlers: Fawn antlers from Half-Deer (gacha, 35L per play)
Necklace: Holiday Gift flower necklace from G*Field (free)
Pendant: Seasons Pendant Necklace from Sour Pickles (100L at The Outlet Sales Room)
Hair: Fluster from Ploom (part of 12 Days of Christmas sale till 28 December, 100L per colour pack)
Eyes: Veila from The Plastik

Poses from Adorkable
Photos taken at Vespertine

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