Monday, 29 July 2013

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 30, Ocean Green Pearl

Ocean Green Pearl

When I had to do a photo for a green called 'Mountain Meadow', I did a mermaid theme. Now I do a photo for 'Ocean Green Pearl'.... and I use a flower theme.  Of course.

In the starring role, being all ocean green, is the Sephie top from The.Plastik, one of the latest releases.  The fantastically pouffy skirt is borrowed from a outfit by Boudoir (but I made my own knickers to go under it, lol).

You're bound to have heard something about the  Love Donna Flora  event (if not, maybe check out the official blog). The skin in these pics is kindly donated by Pink Fuel, meanwhile the jewelry in the shot is from Donna Flora itself.

My next post will probably show off some more items from the event, but you should definitely go check it out. It's a beautiful sim, and there's a wonderful array of covetable pieces to buy; clothes, hair, skin, poses, builds. And while you're filling your inventory, you're helping someone who needs support right now. A little good karma never hurt!

(More about the crayon colour challenge on Softpaw's blog)

Top: The Plastik -  :[P]:- Sephie [S]://Mint

Jewelry: Donna Flora- MIMMA set
Skirt: Boudoir - part of They Call Me the Wild Rose outfit
Hair: Fashionably Dead - (fd) Rainy Day - Russia
Skin: Pink Fuel - [PF] Doll <Porcelain>  - Love Donna Flora (ltbrow)
Eyes:  IKON Eternal Eyes - Olive (M)
Photos taken in a Humanoid skybox

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