Thursday, 4 July 2013

Sun and Stars

Loaded down with jewels tonight, courtesy of Soedara! The face chain is one of the We <3 Role-Play offerings which is 40% off at the event. The bodice, armband and bracelets are parts of other Soedara releases.

The stunning gown is from The Lounge - it's called 'My Sun and Stars' (supply your own Khal Drogo) and I'm really impressed with the texturing. Love it. It's another We <3 Role-Play item, so it will be discounted too.  (The event opens tomorrow and there is some amazing stuff down there, let me tell you!)

The skin is a special preview of one of tomorrow's Fifty Linden Friday's offering from The.Plastik.
(The other deals are a fantasy skin and a clothing megapack, another must-have!)

It's a special 'Summer Heat' edition of the Astrali skins, and as always, the box comes stuffed full of extras, like make-up layers, Soul Ink tattoos and eyes. (In the picture, I'm wearing it with the smudgy eyeshadow add-on.)

There are four versions of the base skin itself, and Lola's appliers are included. If anyone knows where to find better value in SL, can they please tell me, cos I need to know! (The current half-price sale will continue till 25 July, btw)

Slurl to We <3 Role-Play

*Skin: The.Plastik - Astrali Skin[Basic]:// Summer Heat (FLF special)
Eye make-up: Plastik - Ataciara Makeups- Smudgy Shadow (with skin)
Eyes: Plastik -Haunt-SheThing (with skin)
*Hair: MINA Hair - Gaia -V2 (at We <3 Role-Play)
*Gown: the Lounge - My Sun and Stars - Periwinkle  (at We <3 Role-Play)
*Face Chain: ~Soedara~ Gold Face Chain Captured   (at We <3 Role-Play)

*Armband: ~Soedara~  (part of Earendil silks)
*Necklace/bodice: ~Soedara~ (part of Nubian Divinity outfit)
*Bracelets: ~Soedara~ Slave Bracelet (part of Romea  outfit)
Shape: Tuty's - Gong Li (modified)

Poses by bang
Photo taken at Sands of Time

*Any review copies are preceded by an asterisk

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  1. I really dig this photo and the look with it. It gives great depth of foreground and background, and definitely creates a mood. Nicely framed!