Saturday, 14 December 2013

Crayon colour challenge: Week 49, Winter Wizard

Winter Wizard

Ooops. For no good reason, I have fallen behind with the colour challenge again.

I'm breaking one of my self-imposed challenge rules again, as I've used (a different colour of) this top previously. For another colour challenge post. Double ooops.

The top in quest is from The Plastik, as are the jeans (jeans! on this blog! I know, shocking, right?!). The Atlass jeans are a new release, and I won't tell anyone you're wearing them on your RP sim if you don't.

Also; more beauties from  Jewelry and Accessory Expo - this time a set (necklace, earrings, bracelets, ring) from E-Clipse. The shoes are from Easterling by Cristine Easterling of the Slave Dressing Room blog and clothing line.

More about the crayon colour challenge on Softpaw's blog.

PS I've been drinking. Does it show?

*Top: The.Plastik - Sephie//Peppermint
*Pants: The.Plastik -Atlass Jeans//Gunmetal
*Shoes: Easterling - Dolly Shoes
Jewelry: E-Clipse - Nephertari (Azul-Water)

Shape: Self-mad
Skin: Pink Fuel - Kumi <Vanilla> - Blue
Hair: Baiastice - Stefani hair - sand gold 
Eyes:  IKON Vanity Eyes - Denim

Poses: Ma Vie (Revealed set)
Photos taken at Rainbow Coast

*Review copies

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