Monday, 9 December 2013


Docile Kiyoshi is new from Soedara, and is Marbella's first camisk for Pani slaves. Appropriately, the outfit has subtle oriental inflections, most obviousin the hair ornaments and accompanying shoes.

As is typical for Soedara, you get a lot of different options for your money. The 'versatile' packs have a hud which allows you to choose between 8 different textures for your outfit. These include various plain, sheer, and gold-embellished options. The pictures show two of the 'versatile' options - pink and black.

If you go for the 'prints' option, you have one damask-fabri texture for your outfit, but 8 different colours! Either way, the outfit is 325L.

Also included are a hair flower and fan-shaped hair ornament, necklace, armbands, bracelets, and the afore-mentioned shoes and huds. (NB The anklets are borrowed from another Soedara outfit.)
PS a quick word about the skin - it's on offer at the current round of The Dressing Room Fusion, from Al Vulo,  and only 70L! I added a red lipstick from Aeva/Heartsick.  Can't say no to a classic red lip!

Slurl to Soedara

*Outfit: Soedara - Docile Kiyoshi in Versatile Pink / Versatile Black
*Anklets:  Soedara -  part of Celestial Bidadari Nymph outfit
Skin:  Al Vulo- snowhite*  pout dark brow milk (at The Dressing Room Fusion)
Lipstick: Aeva/Heartsick - Chloe Lipsticks (reds): Betty
Shape: Tuty's - Gong Li (modified)
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
*Hair:  MINA Hair - Rosa (at We Love Role-Play)
Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes - Coffee

Poses: Adorkable / Ma Vie
Photos taken at Nagashima / Trilogy Darkness Pani Gorean roleplay sim

*Review copies

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