Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Raven Goddess

This post is a liberal interpretation of a raven goddess figure - specifically the Morrigan, the mysterious and elusive Celtic deity associated with war and sovereignty (not to be confused with Morgana le Fay from Arthurian legend).

The images were inspired by this amazing headdress from Emo-tions which has definitely got the 'wow' factor. I picked it up at the Jewelry and Accessory Expo a couple of days ago and was really taken aback by the amount of talent and creativity on display there. 

On a more critical note, I did find the Expo layout quite difficult to follow and wasn't at all impressed by the 'teaser vendors' - showing items coming in 4 days, 10 days etc. I appreciate the organisers want to maintain traffic for the duration of the event, but I'm not sure that's a good way to do it.

Hopefully the organisers will review these ahead of next year's event, because apart from those niggles, I was very impressed and spent quite a few lindens. I'm also very pleased that the Expo gachas gave out quite a few rares :D  There are also lots of gifts and dollarbies around the stores too, so even if you're broke, it's worth going to check out.
I'm also wearing a face chain from May's Soul - it's a gacha prize at the 25L Holiday Bazaar which is only open for one more day, I think although I'm sure the gacha will head back to the mainstore after that. The mesh gown is from The Library We Love Role-Play ) but I did add on some flexi skirts to look a little less top-heavy!

Music: The Ravenettes - The Enemy

Headdress: EMO-tions -  CLEO (at Jewelry and Accessory Expo)
*Dress: The Library -  Jessica (mesh) (at We Love Role-Play )
Flexi skirts: The White Armory - Storybook Legend Gown Set-Hallows
Plume skirts & silver belts: Collar Me Sexy / Enchanted Silks  - Carla Black Silk
*Face chain: May's Soul - Mystic chain gold (gacha RARE at 25L Holiday Bazaar)
Bracelets: - Magic Nook - Celtic Dream Bracelet (Silver)
*Necklace: The Forge - Torc (Gold) (gacha rare)

Shape: Self-made
Skin: League -  Isla Pale DeepSmoke -Black
Eyes: IKON -Ardent Eyes - Pewter
Hair: Slink - Marling Hair Ebony

Poses: Ploom - Silence (includes bird props)
Photos taken at Riverside Forest - Forest Dreams

*Review copies

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