Saturday, 21 December 2013

Misery and mountains, arrows and bows

I can't keep up with all the fab new releases at Soedara - this outfit, Mountain Dweller, is about three releases old now, at least.

It's another great winter outfit, including short and long cloaks, mesh skirt and two versions of a mesh top, uggie boots, armwarmers, circlet and a horn. There are two versions of the horn - one is scripted so click it for horn-blowing animation and sound (it's pretty fun).

The outfit doesn't include the thigh pouch (part of Soedara's Nudzahui) or the dagger (old hunt prize from Primus).

By the way, I love the skin in these pictures. Lorde from Essences is just out at The Dressing Room Fusion for the bargain price of 70L. There are three different makeups, but unfortunately my Lindens ran out after the first one! (I tried to buy more, but got an error. Grrr. Oh well, TDRF is open for a couple of weeks...)

Slurl to Soedara

Misery and Mountains, Arrows and Bows by New Buffalo on Grooveshark

Outfit: Soedara -Mountain Dweller in Brown / Purple Dawn  
Thigh pouch: Soedara - comes with Nudzahui outfit  
Dagger: Primus - Gregorian Slave Dagger 2.9  
Skin: Essences - Lorde01 *lumiere* brunette (at The Dressing Room Fusion)
Blush: Essences - Blush - Contour -> Light Brown  
Lipstick: Essences - Heidy_lipstick_nude  
Shape: Self-made  
Hair: Vive Nine :. Duchess Braid in Brunne (modified)  
Eyes: IKON - Eternal Eyes - Mesa (old group gift)

Photos taken at Happy Mood  
Poses by Miseria (Dueling 101), Adorkable (25 days... 2012)

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