Sunday, 10 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

As it happens, today marks the celebration of the Chinese New Year, so the ideal opportunity to wear a couple of the new mesh cheongsams from The White Armory. As it features a dragon motif, it's called 'Year of the Dragon'

I've also managed to find a pair of killer heels hidden deep within my inventory, and they're actually free in world at the moment. Usually, I hate shoes. All that hud colour matching? I'm so useless at that! (I haven't gotten round to checking out Gos yet, but their new system sounds like a godsend to those of us who just aren't much good at editing!)

There's a range of colours available; I'm wearing 'Fire' and 'Lagoon'. There are more available - check them out on the White Armory blog. They're well priced too, at 220L

My usual low lag, running round the grid outfit is an older clothing layer cheongsam (an old hunt prize from Destiny's Designs/ Suki's Silken Fashions).  However,with the arrival of these beauties, I think the time has come to upgrade!

Skin & shape: Tuty's - Gong Li
Hair: Truth - Becky (Truth District group gift)
Shoes: Pure - Lady in red (currently free in-world!)
Eyes: ~Soedara~ Green eyes, realistic nature 1
Poses by Princess Mode
Photos taken at Neo Machina/Alterego

Two songs today... I really wanted to use St Vincent, but figured that was a bit unfair to all the Snakes. So I added Sharon von Etten's 'Serpents' too :)

Music: St Vincent - Year of the Tiger

Music: Sharon von Etten - Serpents

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