Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Plastik - Naamah body jewelry

The Plastik recently released the 'Naamah Body Jewelry' outfit (basically, it's like an ultra-customizable set of mesh silks) and I finally got round to wearing and photographing it today. I decided to check out the Dragon Lolth sim, where I was terrorised by one of the fearsome beasts. Luckily, it decided I wasn't worth the bother and went back to wreaking havoc elsewhere.

Anyway, 'tis quite a skimpy outfit. You have been warned. Oh and... here be dragons.

The Naamah set is like an ultra-customisable set of silks; once you decide which 'metal' you're going to buy, you can use the various huds to change the blindfold, skirt, and gems textures. There must be hundreds of different combinations.

Yes, it's pricier than average at 899L, but it's like you're getting a fatpack for that price. The only constant is the metal colour - everything else changes.

The set includes 3 huds (skirt, gems, blindfold), the mesh 'hip wrap', skirts (you can wear the 'double', or just front or back), mesh top, pasties, pasties for tangos, armbands, braclets hand jewels, foot jewels, crown, and the blindfold. The mesh parts come in five sizes.

In all the pictures, I'm wearing 'Indie' with various different options from the hud. There are 20 different options with each of the three huds, so there's lots you can do...

There are also some extras in the shape of a pair of mesh eyes, two makeup tattoo layers, and four of the Soul Ink facial tattoos.

Photos were taken on the amazing Dragon Lolth sim. It does have quite a high population of dragons,

The guest star dragon is Kelzzhu'ul (aka rumpledeadskin) and the dragon avatar is from Grendel's Children, the place for all your dragon supplies or so I'm reliably informed. (Do dragons tell the truth?)

Slurl to The.Plastik

Skin: al vulo- Ramona* femme fatale (The Dressing Room Fusion special)
Shape: Tuty's - Gong Li (modified)

Tattoo: The.Plastik (various from Naamah outfit)
Eyes: The.Plastik -Vaele Coll(MESH)-Heartyness (part of Naamah outfit)
Hair: The Plastik - Naamah hair (sold separately, not part of outfit)

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