Wednesday, 27 February 2013

(Free gown!) Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 9, new car

New Car

This week's colour is called "New Car" so obviously it's just begging to be illustrated with a fairytale gown.  Anyway :) this challenge didn't take long at all. I opened up my CTS wardrobe page (find out more on the marketplace) and simply searched for items tagged with 'blue', and one of the options it brought me back was this beautiful fairytale gown from Deviance.

What's even sweeter is that with a little persistence you can have this outfit for free, as it's one of the prizes in the apple bob in Deviance's basement (there's a lucky chair there too with silks and fairy outfits, changes every five minutes).

The prizes have been out for quite a while so a lot of people might already have them, but if you don't know Deviance, it's a great way to sample some of Surreal LeShelle's wonderful creations.

Outfit: * Deviance * - Blue Belle (Rose Red revisited) (free - apple bob prize!)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Pearl Daisies - Pink Pearl - Short - Gold
Hair: TRUTH - Hollana - crow (Collabor88 February special)
Skin & Shape: Tuty's - Gong Li
Eyes: ~Soedara~ Green eyes, realistic nature 1

Pose by *.amato.*
Photo taken at The Havens fantasy roleplay sim

Music: JayMay - Blue Skies


  1. Oh deviance outfits are always stunning!

  2. Oh and how long did it take to set up your wardrobe thinger?

  3. Setting it up is very quick, if I remember, it's photographing your inventory that takes the time.. Well depending how big your inventory is... It's a great concept though. I could do with one RL!