Saturday, 2 February 2013

New from Soedara: Nudzahui

Nudzahui is Soedara's latest release, and it's named for an indigenous American people. The outfit includes many different pieces, so lots of scope for mixing and matching. Naturally it lends itself to any kind of tribal roleplay, and maybe even adventurous wood elves. In Gor, it's perfect for panthers, and perhaps slaves who like or have cause to wear leather and hides.

*Bow and arrow not part of outfit
In the box you get a feathered headdress and  a chin jewel, an opulent necklace, mesh top in five sizes and matching fur decoration, and the eye-catching skirt (take a close look at the metal and sotnes on the belt!).

Also included are various upper and lower arm bracelets and bangles, anklets and thighbands (one of which has a small bag or pocket attached), separate face and body tattoos (meaning "better to die with honor than live with shame"), gloves on clothing layer, plus ugg booties in rigged and unrigged mesh versions.

Each colour costs 450L or 1,500L for the fatpack of four.

Find it on the marketplace or follow the slurl to Soedara in-world.

Skin: Dutch Touch - Puk in dark olive (not currently available)
Shape: Body Doubles - Jolie (modified)
Hair: TRUTH- Lavinia - espresso
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Red Honey)
Bow & Arrow pose prop: HopScotch The Huntress
Poses by Adorkable / Hopscotch
Photos taken on Spirit Lands / Wyoming Territories sims

Music: Mariee Sioux - Buried in Teeth

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