Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Crayola Crayons Color Challenge: Week 5, scarlet


Latest round of the colour challenge, and this one was a piece of cake (yum yum) compared to last week's mountain meadow! I had the perfect outfit already in my inventory, in the shape of Second Moon's Desert Dawn chalwar in Sunrise. I didn't blog this when it was released, so it's nice to be able to feature it now!
The outfit is sold in two parts, as it's intended to be a mix and match outfit (both parts are called ad-ons, and you can combine them with the Desert Dusk or Mirror Cage outfits, and probably and lot more besides). The chalwar and sash comprise one option, while the other includes top, panties, and the side-hip attachment.

There are five different colours in the 'dawn' outfits, and two sister 'Desert Dusk' outfits. It can also be mixed and matched with the Mirror Cage outfits... and probably a lot besides!

To find out more about the challenge, head over to Softpaw's blog. As of time of writing she hasn't posted her scarlet yet, presumably due to current computer issues. I hope she has just received her brand new computer and that she's unpacking it right now ;)

Outfit: Second Moon - Desert Dawn Ad-on Chalwar & Sash/Sunrise and Desert Dawn Ad-on  Hip silk /Sunrise
 Hair: Elikatira - Balance - Brown 08
Shape: Body Doubles - Lara Hurley Odette Modifiable Shape
Skin: Glam Affair - Leah MedTan - Spring Breeze D HB
Lips: Sorry.Asia - LANA Lipgloss (5) (not currently available)
Eyes: Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes (Aged Bronze Shadow, w1)
Pose by Squeek!
Photo taken on Alexandria Desert sim

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  1. Sadly my late posting is from being sick as all get out and not from setting up a new computer. I just posted the color myself!

    I love harem pants in SL. At first glance at your post I thought you had on Caverna Obscura's outfit but upon reading saw differently! I will have to go see if they have it in pink! And if you've never checked out Caverna, do it! They have some lovely silks you may enjoy!