Saturday, 19 January 2013

Sun rises in the East

Pink with red has always been one of my favourite combinations; how they clash yet complement each other all at the same time.  There's a lot of pink and red in these pictures, courtesy of another amazing outfit from Bare Rose, a brand new skin-makeup from Aeva, and one of the themed sky boxes on the Humanoid sim.

The skin in these pictures is a very special prize from Aeva // Heartsick. Before Christmas, there was a draw and lucky winning group members got to choose a tone pack of their favourite skin. (Aeva group members are spoiled rotten!)

There was a further prize up for grabs then if you added a photo to the flickr group - you could pick another skin or could ask for a makeup to be made for one of the three newest skins.

I was one of the lucky winners, and asked for a geisha-inspired make-up for the brand new Faith skin, which Amesha interpreted beautifully. The 'Adora' makeup (yes, winners got the makeup named after them too!!) features a powdered, pale complexion; stylized red lips, pink blushing cheeks, and red and black eye makeup. There are three brow options; the black painted brows shown here, natural brows, or no brows (so you can wear tattoo brows if you wish).

The new make-ups are available yet, but they will be soon, so keep an eye out for news. I can't wait to see what the other winners asked for as their make-ups!

The outfit is another slice of amazing from Bare Rose. I caught a glimpse of it in a vendor for White Widow makeup and creator Julie Hastings kindly shared the styling. It's called Celestial Taipei and is one of BR's newer mesh releases. From the opulent jeweled headdress down to the pink satin slippers, Celestial Taipei is really fantastic. And as it's Bare Rose, the price is remarkable too - only 180L if I remember correctly.

Outfit: Bare Rose - Celestial Taipei 
Skin: Aeva - Faith ~ 1 // Adora // Cleavage 1 ~ Painted Brow
Hair: TRUTH Auralee in crow
Shape: Izzie's - Fuyu Body Shape

Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Honey Brown)
Poses by Slouch
Photos taken at Humanoid

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