Friday, 4 January 2013

Rhapsody Designs - Drakit roleplay outfit

Ready for adventure? Make sure you're suitably clothed...

Drakit is a recent release from Rhapsody Designs - in fact it's a colab with Tigereye (the store's male counterpart, afaik). With lots of leather and fur, plus umpteen layer combinations possible, it's an outfit for temperate or cooler climes.

Character wise, it seems suitable for adventurers, exiles and outlaws, hunters, forest dwellers or rangers and maybe wood elves.  It also reminds me of Keira Knightley's get-up in King Arthur, so perhaps one for Celtic roleplay? Add some arcane symbols and you could have a druidess with the kilt version, or perhaps work the animal aspects of the outfit and become a shamaness.

You can buy the outfit in different combinations; the kilt set, the pants set, or the combo set which contains all the pieces. Common to both kilt and pants packs are the fur coat, armwarmers and the tops (bolero, vest, sweater on shirt, undershirt and jacket layers).

With the pants set,  you get the 'leather' trousers and boots, a prim belt, and the chest piece. With the kilt, you get the prim kilt, glitch pants, and shoes. The kilt incorporates its own belt, with keys and pocket incorporated. Useful things like shoe/boot bases and alphas are of course also included

 Unless you're really *never* going to wear the kilt, or *never* wear the pants (and who knows where your roleplay will take you?) I would definitely get the combo set as it's going to double your outfit options straight off. The kilt or trouser set costs 700L, the combo set costs 890L, so it's good value to buy both together as you get all the pieces.

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Skin: Curio - Jewel
Shape: Self-made
Hair: Lelutka - Jasmine (comes with mesh pony tail, not shown)
Eyes: Amacci - Look eyes in Sage
Poses by label motion
Photos taken on Empress and Hierophant and Inis Caiseal residential sims

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