Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Crayola Crayons Color Challenge: Week 3, bluebell

  Blue Bell

Back in the day, I used to haunt the mania boards in Enchanted Silks, and went completely crazy when they had a half-price sale. So when Softpaw posted Bluebell last week,I just knew I'd have something from Enchanted that would fit the bill.
Enchanted Silks have (had?!) a distinctive style - very delicate prim parts and a wide range of colours, including many soft pastels. They're no longer in world, but you can still visit Buffie Barmy's marketplace store.

The skin is from a new skin designer, Magritta, who sells on the marketplace under the label Mag<3.B. and who kindly sent me a review copy of her new Nicole skins. One of the make-ups from the So Chic pack was just perfect for the photo as it had cool-toned eyes and lips. Her skins are cutely colourful and very feminine, with free demos, so have a look!

Outfit:  Enchanted Silks - Gwen in silver lilac
Wings: The Old Forge - part of Fae Armor
Skin: Mag<3.B. - Nicole in So Chic (nude lips)
Shape: Soedara - Exotic shape
Eyes: Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes in October Morning (previous group gift)
Hair: Truth - Mercedes in Babyblue

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  1. Oh..that is a lovely delicate outfit. I don't really wear silks that often so your posts are going to show me some new things!