Sunday, 13 January 2013

Newness at Nomine

There are lots of new releases at Nomine - many meshtactular and some 'boobtastic'! (Don't worry, that link's perfectly safe, it just goes to Munchflower's official Nomine blog!)

The corsets in particular are great for the fuller-figured lady as there's a lot of room on top to fill! I shoe-horned my regular avie shape into this corset (if only there were alpha layers for RL muffin tops...) and moved everything around.  For me, the magic numbers were size 81, buoyancy 34, and cleavage 29. The mesh corset, meanwhile, made sure that there was no squareness or other weirdness apparent. An alpha and a notecard explaining the sliders are included.

I don't know how the corset would work with meshies such as Lola's tangos as they're not my cup of tea. Having experimented with giant square ones and prim add-ons back in my n00b days, I think I got it all out of my system. (Also... gravity-defying nipples that point skywards? I just can't relate.) In any case, these corsets don't include appliers, but demos are free so why not grab one and experiment?
The skirt and eyeliner worn here are also among the latests Nomine releases. (There's lots more too - mesh crop tops, sweaters and dresses, with free demos in-store for all the mesh.) The skirts come in 14 styles (150L each) and there are 80 different eyelinerss(50L). Naturally, if you buy one of the fatpack options you'll get a discount.

Corsets do leave a lot of skin exposed, and all that space demands an accessory of some kind. Soedara's Tariqa necklaces (and headresses) allow for lots of customization with lots of jewel texture change options included. You should be able to suit them to most outfits!

Slurl to Nomine

Skin: Curio - Acorn [Light] Uptown-Black Tie 2
Shape: Tuty's - Gong (modified)
Eyeliner: Nomine Megaliner Tattoo - arabian nights
Hair: TRUTH - Nyx espresso
Eyes: Mayfly - Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Red Mahogany)
Corset: Nomine - Mesh Corset Princess blue
Skirt: Nomine - Mesh Low Maxi Skirt  black
Necklace: ~Soedara~ Belly dancer Tariqa worn Black 

Poses by Diesel Works
Photos taken on Kingdom of Sand sim

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