Thursday, 24 January 2013

Crayola Crayons Color Challenge: Week 4, mountain meadow

Mountain Meadow

Eek! This colour was definitely a challenge for me. In fact, to be upfront about it, I resorted to the nefarious practice of  deliberately adjusting the windlight to change the appearance of the outfit. (You can see the same image taken with a more neutral/ cooler windlight setting after the jump.) Is that cheating? Probably!
I found this quite an unusual colour - it's green, but to my eye (or monitor) it's a green with quite a bit of blue in it. But not so much blue that it's aqua, or turquoise, or teal (that would have been easy).

When I started the challenge, I decided that I wouldn't buy anything specifically for it as my inventory is enormous enough to have (probably) one of everything already. But the truth is, like many people, I'm not such a big fan of green. It just doesn't appeal.

So, I looked at a number of items, picked some close-ish matches, decided on a 'mermaid' character, and... changed the windlight.

Job done :)

If you're interested in following the challenge, you can find out more on Softpaw's blog. Go on, you know you want to. Next week's colour is the rather more manageable scarlet (hooray!).

Skin: Curio - The Visitor-Nebula (Molted)
Eyes: Curio - The Visitor-Nebula Eyes
Make-up: White~Widow - TRPH3 Blue/Turquoise w/eyeshadows
Shape: Tuty's - Gong - modified
Hair: Ploom - Fluster
Top (shells): Deviance - Shell Top - Aquatic Pack
Scales, skirt, bracelets: Evie's Closet -  Lumina Nymph
Jewelry: Kosh - Auna set

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  1. heehh I've done the worse cheat..TINTING!! At least windlight you still have to work at it to find the right setting to change the color!

    This is one of the prettiest merlooks I've seen in a while.