Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 39, Mauvelous


I think I'm going cross-eyed. All pinks look the same to me now :/ Anyway, I'd thought this pink was kind of a warm pink (and wondered why it was being called 'mauve'!). Now, too late, I can see that it actually has a good dash of blue in it. Gah.

Never mind, if the gown from Emo-Tions doesn't quite hit the spot, the fabulous Vexillum of Bellerophon from GSpot in pink and white seems a really good match. It's at at this round of  We<3RP.  It comes in 9 different colours, and many of them are considerably more war-like than pink and white!

I had no idea what it name meant, so thanks to Google I learned that  a vexillum is a kind of military standard from Ancient Rome, and Bellerophon was a hero of Greek mythology, who amongst other feats, captured the winged horse Pegasus.  (That will be why Pegasus is featured on the banner.)

I ended up creating a kind of 'Daenerys' look for this outfit (purple-y eyes!) but alas time and crashes were against me so I don't have a close-up. I think the gown would totally fit with some of the softer choices for Dany on the gameofclothes tumblr! (Even though it's very pink... perhaps she could tint it if it has mod permissions...)

Outfit: Emotions - Butterfly Effect
*Standard: .:GSpot:. vexillum of bellerophon pink white (at We<3RP)
Skin: Curio - Angel - Petal [Light] Celestial 1
Lashes: Dutch Touch - AddOns - EyeLashes plus Kohl
Brow tattoo: Curio - Airhead-Dark Brows
*Hair: Calico - Clara
Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes - Dusk (M)
Shape: Self-made

*Review copies

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