Sunday, 13 October 2013

Mother of Pterodactyls

Dragons? So last season.

The shoulder pet to have now is a baby pterodactyl, as all the fantastical fashionistas know.

The Mieville Midway fair and gacha festival, featuring steampunk, goth, and alternative designers opens at noon SLT on Tuesday October 15th, and the cute Pteri shoulder pet from Unrepentant is just one of the gacha prizes you can play for.

Click on the pet for options to feed, tickle and pet (make sure you have sound turned on for the accompanying effects!) or grab a Pteri manual in notecard format. Whatever you do, don't scold him or her. You don't want to know what happens then.

You can use the settings to re-name your pet, and also turn off it's 'guard' functions (if someone else tries to touch your pet, it will squawk in annoyance).

Also in the photos you can see one of the Arcane Divination Potion necklace from Tree House Treasures, and one of the Samhain masks from Spyralle.

THT have three gachas at the event - the necklaces, unseelie fairy wings, and special Halloween treat bags.

Spyralle have two sets of beautiful fractal art masks - perfect for any seasonal costume balls you might be attending!

Slurl to Mieville Midway (opens noon SLT on 15 October)

PS - The skin worn in the photos is a new group gift from Aeva - the group is now free to join too. The gown (only part of it shown here, it also has bodice decoration and veil with flowers is 50% off in the Wishbox flash sale!)
We're taking a selfie (or SLfie?) in this pic

At Mieville Midway:
*Necklace: Tree House Treasures - Arcane Divination Potion Necklace (50L per play)
Mask: Spyralle - Samhain Mask #7 Emergent (40L per play)
*Shoulder pet: Unrepentant -  Pteri - Berry (75L per play)

Gown: [Wishbox] - part of Seraphina gown (currently on sale!)
Hair: >TRUTH< Cheyenne - amethyst
*Bracelets and armbands: [The Forge] Ailida's Bangles (Silver)

Skin: Aeva -  Charity ~ 1 // Soul Mates // Mid Cleavage (new group gift)
Shape: Self-made
Eyes:  IKON Eternal Eyes - Olive (M)
Poses: Ploom
Photos taken at Bentham Forest

*Review copies

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