Friday, 11 October 2013

We Love Role-Play: Junbug, Calico, Ellabella

One day, I was wandering around We<3RP just before opening, and I saw Calico Ingmann setting up her offerings for the round. The vendor hadn't rezzed yet, but I could see that she was wearing some really beautiful hair!

As luck would have it, it's this very same hair that she's put out for Round 6, so you can grab it at a discount while the event is on.

The 'Clara' style is a long hair featuring an intricate braid that snakes down and around the length of the hair, keeping the hair off your face shoulders. This means it's a great style for showing off jewelry, especially earrings which end up obscured by most styles which aren't updos.

Speaking of jewelry, don't miss the gorgeous Nahimana earring and necklace set from Ellabella. You'll find it warm, golden tones at We<3RP but if you're quick you can also find it in turquoise at the Western round of Genre. (At both events, the set is discounted 50% to 100L.)

Junbug are offering fantastic value with the Bel Fiore gown hud pack. You get seven colours of the gown, and you can also use the hud to create ombre effects by setting different colours on the overskirt. That means you could potentially have up to 42 different options?!

I should point out that the gown comes with a floral corsage, but I 'turned it off' to show the jewelry better. The hud doesn't give an option for this, but you can do it quite easily by editing linked parts and setting the corsage to 100% transparency. If you're at all unsure about editing, MAKE A COPY FIRST!
*{Junbug}* Bel Fiore HUD Pack: The hud pack allows you to change colours for both the gown and overskirt. Previous photos show the outfit with yellow gown and overskirt.

In the photo above, I've switched the gown to purple and left the overskirt yellow, giving an ombre effect.Below, both gown and overskirt are purple.

Calico Hair - Clara: Each colour pack comes with a hud allowing you to switch between shades and also to tint the hair, so you can find precisely the shade you want, or just have lots of fun experimenting.

(Just be aware that with dark tints, you will lose a lot of detail from the textures, so for best results keep it subtle... and/or buy the colour pack closest to the shades you want!)

At round six of We <3 Role-Play
*Shape: Bite & Claw - Arcane Shape (included with Arcane skin)
*Hair: Calico Hair - Clara (brown)
*Gown: Junbug - Bel Fiore in S
*Jewelry: .:ellabella:. Nahimana's Autumn set
*Eyeshadow:  !Musa! Marcela Orange

*Poses by Musa

Skin:  -Belleza- Autumn Skin (FLF special)
Bangles: Maxi Gossamer -  Athena
Eyes: AL vulo !  golden star eyes
Photos taken at Grey Havens

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