Sunday, 20 October 2013

Spirit of Autumn

I was really excited to open the box containing Paper Moon's exclusives for Horrorfest - four beautiful headdresses. The one I'm wearing in this picture (Autumn Moon) is probably the least 'horrific', but it is the 100% donation item, with all proceeds going to The Epilepsy Therapy Project.

The others in the range, called Sisters of the Wood, combine beauty with elements of the grotesque in the shape of animal skulls. The narrative behind them is that they were pieced together by the mysterious sisters... Sister Crow, Sister Deer and Sister Rat.

I'm wearing another of the Foxxe makeups from the Plastik (another two featured in this post) and one of the jewelry sets (Teardrop) which are both exclusive to the Body Modification Expo . Most of the sets include a decorated collar, three different length pendants, earrings, and a lip piercing. Two in the range - Teardrop and Bauble - feature hud-controlled texture changed jewels (check pics after the jump to see the hud). I've borrowed The Plastik's promo shot again to give you more idea of the range!

Completing the look are Calico's fabulous Clara hair (this post has more details) and Black Pearls Ninia gown. The gown also includes a headdress, not shown, as well as the basket.  Both are at  We <3 Role-Play until the end of the month. The wings are from Unrepentant at the Mieville Midway gacha festival.

*Headdress: Paper Moon - Autumn Moon headdress (at Horrorfest - 100% donation item)

*Collar, necklaces, earrings, lip piercing: The Plastik - Teardrop jewelry set (at Body Modification Expo

Bracelets & armband: The Plastik - Tribal Golden Jewelry

*Gown: Black Pearls - Ninia - comes with headdress, not shown (at We <3 Role-Play

*Wings: Unrepentant - Unseelie Wings- Webbed Orange ULTRARARE (modified) (at Mieville Midway)

*Hair: Calico Hair - Clara (at We <3 Role-Play)

Skin: Glam Affair - Neva skin - Europa 02 B (at Kustom9)

*Eyeshadow: The Plastik - Foxxe Makeups:// Golden  (at Body Modification Expo

Shape: Tuty's - Gong Li (modified)

Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes - Olive (ML)

Poses by Adorkable
Photos taken at South Farthing 

*Review copies

Music: Joanna Newsom - Autumn

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