Wednesday, 9 May 2012

GU Summer Meltdown Hunt - Red Hot Ginger

More prizes from the Gorean University Summer Meltdown Hunt... this time from Red Hot Ginger.

As with the other hunt posts, there's one prize in the GU Market, and one back in the mainstore.

While you're there, take a few minutes to look around - there's a little room of lucky boards, and, some of Phedre's latest creations are very intriguing. I'll be back!
Red Hot Ginger - Eris kirtle/camisk
Red Hot Ginger - Eris kirtle/camisk
Red Hot Ginger - Fyre silk

Red Hot Ginger - Fyre silk

Don't forget to grab the hints from the ice-creams on the hunt poster boards!

Gorean University Market
Red Hot Ginger

Hair - Gianna from Truth
Skin - Meiko from Cupcakes
Shape - Ayumi Hamasaki from Body Doubles
Eyes - Soedara

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