Thursday, 3 May 2012

Soedara - Tarantia d'Or Unum silks/chastity belt

A seriously hot new release from Soedara - in fact it's scorchio!

The outfit is a bit of a two-in-one as well - with just one click you can make the silks disappear, revealing the gemmed chastity belt. You can also add the belly chain jewel for some extra opulence.

There's also a special promo offer on for group members - you can buy the Pastel Pink set (shown in most of these pictures) for 150L instead of the usual 375L. The offer will run for at least another week (and I've heard rumours of more promo offers to come!) so until May 10, possibly even longer.

If you're not currently a group member, a fee of 100L applies - but you're still saving 125L if you want to buy the pink set!

Don't forget, you can click on the pics and zoom in to see them full size and get a closer view of the details - and it's definitely worth it with these fab silks!
There's a great range of colours available - lots of solids and a patterned variant too. Pictured above is the Purgatory Red, and the Gold (not shown here) looks just about stunning!

Altogether then, in the box you get anklets, two sets of upper arm bangles (plain and decorated), belly jewel-chain, chained bodice, click-to-remove silk/chastity belt, and head jewel.


Find the outfit on the Second Life marketplace or at Soedara's in-world store (promo offer only available in-world).

BTW - More exciting Soedara news - they're taking part in the GU Meltdown Hunt which starts on May 5 and there are at least four Soedara prizes you can win, including a set of silks, a circlet, and a shape.

Shape - Body Doubles Dorothy Lamour (modified)
Skin - Douzen from Iren 
Hair - Petra/ Delia from Truth
Eyes - Sole Eyes from Shack (retired)

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