Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Beltane Festival - Hunt prizes

Hurrah! Another 30L Saturday festival, combining two of my favourite fashion passions - sale shopping and hunting.

This fest is to celebrate the spring festival of May Day or Beltane... Well, it beats dancing naked round a bonfire, leastways in the Celtic weather we've got outside here.

This hunt is also perfect for everyone who operates on a zero-Linden economy in Second Life as all the prizes are free.

As always, I'm only featuring the wearable prizes here, and there are some bits and pieces I haven't photographed this time out. There are lots more prizes to pick up!

Some designers have left the hint in a hunt object at the Beltane sim, and you can find the prize back at their mainstore. Others have gone above and beyond, and put out two prizes, one at Beltane and one at their mainstore.
Whatz - Serendipity
Two prizes, one at Beltane, one at mainstore (second not shown)

Belissima - Angel shape
Two prizes, one at Beltane, one at mainstore
Gem Designs - Amour
Two prizes, one at Beltane, one at mainstore
Gem Designs - Papillon
Two prizes, one at Beltane, one at mainstore
Riverdog and Sciarris - Lady Josephine
Find hint at Beltane, then find prize at mainstore
On a Lark - Luv Kisses
Red Hot Ginger - camisk
UD Clothing - Burlap Bond
Sweet Poison - Sweetie Pie (mesh)
Luas - Envy silks
May's Soul
Rustic Edge - Quilted Baby
Zibber's Designs - Latex Love
I love the latex outfit from Zibber's Designs, but please don't wear it in Gor or you'll risk the wrath of the Priest Kings, or the Gorean fashion fail bloggers... I'm not sure which is worse.

(I have to confess, I do enjoy those blogs - and let's face it, we'd all have qualified for inclusion at one stage of noobishness or other. )

Swords and Sahara have put out the Aire Silks as a prize (including both opaque and sheer versions) which I photographed previously here.

Anyway, don't hang about - the Festival is only open until 6th of May.

Slurl to the Beltane Festival

Shape - Angel from Belissima (Beltane hunt prize)
Skin - Airhead from Curio
Hair - Evelyn from Truth
Eyes - Fire eyes dark grey from Shack

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