Sunday, 27 May 2012

Soedara - PG tops for Tarantia silks

Soedara have just released a set of PG tops to match the Tarantia d'Or silks, meaning you can now wear these silks out of Gor (or other adult sims), and not get banned!

They're a sold-separately add-on pack, so only the clothing layer top is included, not the prim bodice, the silks, or any of the jewels. And while they're designed to match the Tarantia d'Or range, they also mix'n'match well with other pieces from Soedara.

The gorgeous skin in these pics btw is a Skin Addiction group gift at the Skin Showcase from Leafy.
Soedara - Tarantia d'Or PG top in gold
with Tarantia d'Or Unum silks in gold
You could also try wearing them instead of the prim top for a simpler, pared down look.
Soedara - Tarantia d'Or PG top in Flower Lavender
with Tarantia d'Or Tres silks
Soedara - Tarantia d'Or PG top in Maya Blue
with Soedara - Circlet of Sheba chained in Glass Forest
The tops also work well with existing pieces from Soedara (or elsewhere) you may have in your wardrobe...
Soedara - Tarantia d'Or PG top in Inca Red
with Soedara - African Coin Girl outfit
The tops are 99L each or 999L for the fatpack of 15.

IMPORTANT: This is just the clothing layer top, does not include any of the other items included in the pictures, silks must be purchased separately.

Find them on the marketplace or follow the slurl to Soedara's in-world store.

Tarantia d'Or silks/chastity belt outfits:

Soedara - Tarantia d'Or Duae
Soedara - Tarantia d'Or Tres

Skin - Sapphire from Leafy, gift for Skin Addiction group members at Skin Showcase
Shape - Leah Remini shape from Body Doubles
Hair - Cookie from Wasabi Pills
Eyes - Green realistic nature from Soedara

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