Monday, 14 May 2012

Wishbox - Wanderlust gypsy outfit/ medieval gown

Another stunning outfit from Wishbox!

Wanderlust is romany-inspired, but perfect for all sorts of medieval maidens with lots of ways to wear it. Ladies of Gor, you're not forgotten, as designer Wisp Jinn has included several modesty options.

There are some accessories (rose wreath, bangles, earrings) sold separately too - I couldn't resist, as you can see, they're just too cute:
Wishbox - Wanderlust in purple
Matching accessories (rose wreath, earrings, bangles) sold separately
Short sleeves, crop top, worn without ruffles-only bust prim
Short sleeve, full top, worn with full bust prim, and bandana
Long sleeve option
Long sleeves with modesty undershirt
Long sleeves with modesty undershirt and one of two modesty scarves
Long sleeves with modesty undershirt and second modesty scarf
Matching accessories, sold separately - rose crown, bangles, earrings
Matching accessories, sold separately - rose crown, earrings
Sooo... in the box you get (deep breath)... three shirt styles on jacket layer, with sleeve prims for long and short sleeve options, two bust ruffle options, glitch pants, skirt, coin belt, bandana and a modesty pack (boxed) with two scarves and an undershirt.

Each colour set costs 680L, or you can pick up the fatpack of five colours for 1,980L. Two of the colours are available for petites, at a reduced 380L.

Of the accessories, the gypsy hoop earrings are 30L, rose wreath crown 120L and bangles 40L - only available in-world at the moment.

Find Wanderlust on the marketplace here or follow to slurl to Wishbox in-world.

Happy trails!

Skin & Shape - Brisa from Art Body Story currently at Structure Your Skin
Hair - Felecia (mesh) from Truth
Eyes - Tuty's black eyes

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