Saturday, 19 May 2012

Gowns, gowns, gowns! Kouse's Sanctum retirement sale

Oh oh, my inventory's not going to shrink any in May, that's for sure.

I've just discovered Kouse's Sanctum are having a retirement sale, and tons of gowns are on sale for 75L until the end of May. After that, they'll be gone for good.

Some typically gorgeous examples below...
Kouse's Sanctum - Naomi gown in ruby - 75L
Kouse's Sanctum - Tatiana gown in chocolate - 75L
Kouse's Sanctum - Resolution gown in amethyst - 75L
Slurl to Kouse's Sanctum

Skin - Hina from Cupcakes
Shape - Scarlett from Body Doubles
Hair - Lorne from Sugarsmack

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