Thursday, 17 May 2012

Natures's Hunt - The Fairy Trail

Some gorgeous prizes to be won in the second Nature's Hunt Spring Blossom, running till May 31. The theme of this hunt is The Fairy Trail, so as you can imagine, lots of the prizes would be great for fantasy roleplay.

I don't often include non-clothing prizes, but some of them items on this hunt are so lush, I couldn't resist incorporating some of them in the pics.

There are over 100 stores in the hunt, so here's just a tiny selection... there may be more pics to come!
#28 - Nuts Inc - Outfit
#91 - Props n Poses - Photo backgrounds
#28 - Nuts Inc- Outfit
#   - Props n Poses- Photo backgrounds Tarais Pack 3
#18 ::J:: StyleZ- Outfit
#4 Mystic Bay Breedables - Casa de Zen wishing well
#2 Miss Darcy - outfit
#15 Sacred Flame Garden Centre  - Grumpy Elf Stump
#97 EvilKyoot - Garden Goddess outfit
#19 Khargo - Fairy ring
#17 Saris Creations - Maru Blossoms (mesh)
#43 Roawenwood - Faylinn petites outfit
#43 Roawenwood - Forestry Faescape landcaping scene
#43 Roawenwood - Forestry Faescape landcaping scene
I don't have a petite mesh avatar, so I wore the Roawenwood Faylinn outfit on the free minikin avatar from Caverna Obscura. It didn't fit too badly!

Love the Faescape from Roawenwood too - both prizes are in the one hunt prim, so you don't have to hunt twice!

Hunt details... the hunt runs until 31 May so you still have some time to explore and grab some prizes.

It's a dollarbie hunt, so prizes cost 1L, and you're looking for a six-petaled, pink prim flower.

There's a hintlist on the blog, although unfortunately it doesn't reference stores. There are more pics of prizes at the end of the post also, so if you see something you like, you can always run a Second Life search for the store.

Start Point is Pirate's Boulevard.

Good luck!

Skin - Skin of the Sunday 7 (promo) from My Ugly Dorothy
Shape - Lily of the Valley from *qbee
Hair - Romance from Vanity
Eyes - Shack

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