Sunday, 6 May 2012

GU Summer Meltdown Hunt - Soedara prizes

The Gorean University Summer Meltdown Hunt kicked off yesterday, sponsored by Shack, Arachne Silks and Soul Effects, prizes are 0L and it looks like there's some real treasures among them!

Prizes are split between the Gorean University market and some participants' mainstores. So far, I've grabbed most of the prizes around GU, and am working on picking the others around the grid.

I made it a priority to hit Soedara though, because there are four rather excellent pieces you can pick up, including the shape used in all these photos.
Soedara - Teaser Talender Girl silks
Soedara - Teaser Talender Girl silks
Soedara - Teaser Talender Girl silks
Soedara - More Than a Circlet
Soedara - Circlet of Sheba chained (includes nose jewel)
Soedara - Circlet of Sheba chained
The prize containing the shape is at the GU market, the others are all at the Soedara mainstore. Note: the silks are split into two hunt prims, so you're looking to find four ice-cream cones there.

There's a really handy hintcard if you slap the hunt prim at the Soedara store.

Hunt info: It runs until 1st June, the prizes are 0L, and you're looking for an ice-cream cone.

Hunt participants include Strawberry Box (no mainstore prize, prize is at GU market), Soul Effects, Arachne Silks, Chavo, House of Dragovar, Priory of Roses, Black Rose, Tableau, The Shack, Emo-Tions, Roawenwood, Gem Designs, GCG Furniture, Red hot Ginger, On a Lark, JC Designs, Gorean & Old World Styles, and Otentika.

Happy hunting!!

Skin - Tallulah from Heartsick
Shape - Exotic from Soedara (current hunt prize!)
Hair - Monique from Wasabi Pills
Eyes - Soedara

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