Monday, 7 May 2012

GU Summer Meltdown Hunt - Shack gifties!

Are you hopeless at hunting? Well never mind, hunt sponsors Shack have left a box of free goodies for Free Women, slaves, and men right at the landing point.

BTW, I tried on the men's outfits - and ladies, I think you'll definitely be able to make use of them!
Shack - Glitz camisk
Shack - Arabia silks
Shack - Lady Luna gown
Shack - Willow gown
Shack - American Girl camisk - full version
Shack - American Girl camisk - peekaboo version
Shack - Tilly camisk/kirtle (two skirt options)
Shack - Tilly camisk/kirtle (two camisk options)
Shack Men - Clitus shirt, Quintus pants
Shack Men - Bemus shirt, Quintus pants

Slurl to the Gorean University market

Skin: Erika from Belleza
Shape: Bellezza Erika from Body Doubles
Hair: Truth
Eyes: Soedara

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