Saturday, 8 October 2011

35L Sunday at Arachne Silks III: Naked as you wanna be!

Eeek! There's no way I'm modelling this outfit for you.

And in fact, I spent quite a bit of time wondering whether or not to put some 'censored' strips over the vendor image.  That's how naughty this outfit is.

The strips were a no-go (if I put them in, you wouldn't be able to see the silks)... so I tried some judicious blurring instead. Hopefully it doesn't look just plain weird.

Fingers crossed I can keep my PG status. Naughtiness after the jump!

If you're finding it hard to see the silks in the image above, that's because they're so 'barely there' they really are practically non-existent.

What there is of them, though, is lovely. They're beautifully done, as all Arachne silks are.

If you want a closer look, get yourself down to Arachne. I feel sorry for the model... she must feel awfully cold...

Get Unchained in silver or gold at the Arachne Silks mainstore.

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