Saturday, 22 October 2011

Floor Candy - Beauty and Dark Beauty silks

What luxury! These sumptuous silks not only feature beautiful textures - with just a hint of chinoiserie - but are adorned with some of the loveliest prim flowers I've seen.
They're a really easy set to wear - the skirt required no fitting, and the rest of the outfit is on clothing layers.

The top can be worn with or without the fabric collar.

As the skirt is open at the front, you'll need to see the back view to appreciate the textures fully!
The silks also come in a purple version, called 'Dark Beauty'.
The silks are 175L each (can't argue with that!) and are available at the Floor Candy 'temporary home' or in the marketplace store.

Skin & Shape: Natalia from Tuty's
Hair: Cici from DrLife

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